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White Nitro Cream Ale

ABV 5.0%

Smooth and full-bodied cream ale perfect for winter nights at the mountain.

Golden Grove Witbier

ABV 5.1%

Refreshing and citrusy. Brewed with the addition of orange peel, coriander, and chamomile. The traditional Belgian yeast strain contributes pleasant flavor and aroma.

AOK Kölsch

ABV 4.7%

We launched AOK Kölsch on OBC opening day back in 2014 and we’ve kept the recipe exactly the same. It’s perfectly crisp, bright and refreshing, just like a Kölsch style beer should be.

Pearl Oyster Stout

ABV 7.2%

We brewed this Oyster Stout with our friends from Ferda Farms, featuring their Bombazine Oysters from the pristine cold waters of New Meadows River in Brunswick, ME. The addition of whole oysters adds a pleasant brininess to this stout, which pairs beautifully with delicious Maine oysters.

Totally Tubular DIPA

ABV 8.5%

Double version of our flagship Tubular IPA. Huge tropical flavor and aroma. Triple dry-hopped with a whole lot of Strata, El Dorado, Citra, and Topaz.

JD Brown Ale

ABV 6.0%

We brewed this classic Brown Ale with our friend Dr Jim Dill, the founder of the UMaine Extension Tick Lab, Maine’s foremost expert on pest management, and an avid home brewer. We love being in the woods, and we hate getting ticks on us, so we’re donating proceeds from this beer to the UMaine Tick Lab.

Slam Dunkel Lager

ABV 5.0%

Double clutch or windmill, whatever your preference we know you’ll love our Slam Dunkel! This dark lager is a malt forward and delicious crowd pleaser, brewed with our favorite dark malts from both Germany and Maine.

Woodman’s Red Ale

ABV 6.0%

Collaboration with Woodman’s Bar & Grill

Brewed in honor of the place where Orono Brewing got its start. Woodman’s Red Ale is a smooth drinking ale with a malt focus and a touch of hops.

Wicked Maine Blueberry Ale

ABV 5.0%

We love Wild Maine Blueberries! Wicked Maine Blueberry Ale features Wild Blueberries from Wyman’s, a fourth generation Maine business and one of the leading growers of Wild Blueberries on the planet. We brewed this blueberry beer with a light malt and hop recipe to highlight the delicious flavor of Wild Blueberries.

Friend of Acadia IPA

ABV 6.0%

Collaboration with Friends of Acadia

We’re proud to be a friend of Acadia, and by drinking this beer you’re supporting Friends of Acadia and our joint commitment to help preserve and protect this beautiful place. Friend of Acadia IPA is juicy and refreshing with bright hop flavor from Sabro, Strata, and Mosaic hops. The perfect IPA to enjoy after a day of outdoor adventures in Acadia.

Fruitful Kettle Sour

ABV 4.9%

Kettle sour with a fiscally irresponsible amount of peach and raspberry additions. Delicious, tart, and super fruity. Lacto cultures from our friends at Kennebec Cheesery.

Classic Stout

ABV 7.2%

Our take on a timeless classic. We pulled inspiration from our favorite aspects of the traditional Stout styles and created this full-bodied and bold Stout featuring Thomas Fawcett UK roasted malts, flaked oats, and local grains.

Let’s Go Black Bears IPA

ABV 6.2%

Official beer of the Maine Black Bears!

Brewed in celebration of the college experience. A portion of sales from each beer goes towards supporting The Alfond Fund and scholarships for Maine students. Let’s Go Black Bears IPA features Mosaic, Galaxy, Amarillo, and Strata hops. Enjoy, and Go Blue!

The Way Life Should Be IPA

ABV 6.0%

Maine. Good people, beautiful wilderness, great beer….the way life should be. Juicy IPA brewed with Maine grown grains, triple dry hopped with massive amounts of Galaxy, Mosaic, Ella, Citra, and El Dorado.

Tubular IPA

ABV 7.2%

Tropical and juicy. Triple dry-hopped with Citra, El Dorado, Topaz, and Galaxy. Keeping Maine rad one can at a time!

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